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  • Park of forest of state of Home Zhang group
    Park of forest of state of Home Zhang group
  • Park of forest of state of Home Zhang group
    Park of forest of state of Home Zhang group
  • Scene of silvan park snow
    Scene of silvan park snow
  • Silvan park sea of clouds
    Silvan park sea of clouds
  • Park of forest of Home Zhang group is located in scenery of fierce hill source scenic spot division southern part, gross area is 481 thousand M2. Approval of classics country Planning Committee was national forest park 1982, it is park of forest of the first country of Chinese. The tourist attraction inside the area includes: Channel of knife of forestry centre of group of cliff of whip of small box of treasure of ” of king of dove tree of world of “ of spring of ice of cloud and mist, yellow Shi Zhai, Sang Zhi, a book from heaven, gold, Home Zhang, the She nationality, Yang Zhai, avalanche is vestigial, jump piscine pool, yellow Shi Zhai.

    Park government office is set in tower of gong and drum, be apart from 32km of urban district of Home Zhang group, be apart from 28km of government of district of fierce hill source. The fierce hill source that area of scene of camp of hill of it and valley of all alone brook, the emperor, Home Yang constitutes together beauty spot, was decided to be national emphasis scenery by the State Council 1988 scenic spot area, 1992, u.N. Educational includes his " world bequest directory " , ascend body the cavalcade at world-renowned beauty spot. Named by ministry of former state forestry 1994 for ” of “ state demonstrative park. Home Zhang group with its distinctive primitive and natural style and features is famed at the world, danger of its peak close cliff, gu Shenjian is deep and remote, shui Xiulin greens jade, cloud entangled mist is circled, collect hero, strange, deep and remote, wild, beautiful at an organic whole, assemble peak, cereal, big pool, forest, water is monochromatic. In park churchyard, 20OO surprises many times to the peak blames Shi Ba ground and rise, continuous jackknife, 1000 appearance 100 condition, of great momentum. Uprise is looked at, it is thus clear that all peak attitude confused are shown, some column that be like jade prop up a day, some is like impregnable fortress, some in a extremely precarious situation, if some moving float. Shui Qingxian of Home Zhang group is deep and remote, 5 Shan Xi are winding and labyrinthian, shed fontal flying waterfall or hide to be in in close Lin Shen, or decline at glen of deep big pool. Detect scientificly make clear, its water quality accords with a country water gauge of one class drink is accurate. Home Zhang group is treasury of a green and natural zoo, the forest of 98 % above is enclothed rate, make here all over the mountains and plains a luxuriantly green. Into piece primitive and secondary Lingumu is very tall, unfrequented. In a variety of 102 divisions, 720 tree, rare tree plants the precious such as wood of dove tree thering is no lack of, ginkgo, Chinese tulip tree, red Chinese torreya, Ba Dongmu lotus, metasequoia. The forest provided the ground of good multiply, perch for wild animal. Churchyard has vertebrate 149 kinds, dependency home a kind, animal of 2 kinds of protection has 28 kinds. In clear brook of red cliff greenery, the life is worn animal of a lot of precious birds different, already observed wait with respect to horse of lovesickness of moorhen having a back, golden pheasant, red mouth, musk deer, macaque, flying tiger, giant salamander. Scramble hill diameter, can listen to bird language cicada to cry nearly as one falls, incessant Yu Er; Far visible monkey group in the dally on roadside Lin Sao. The air inside silvan park contains dirt to measure relatively the outside reduces 88 % , bacterial content reduces 97 % ; The sun can reduce 40 % than the outside according to duration, day is average air temperature under the outside 6 ℃ , air temperature of summertime full day maintains 22 ℃ ~ 28 ℃ , height of the 150cm in silvan environment is put in inversion all day below; Air relative humidity relatively the outside increases 10 % about; Wind speed is less than 1m/s more, time of 80 % above is Jing Feng. Often live inside the park, blood pressure drops somewhat, pulse restores to lead raise 30 % on average, human body feels comfortable. In last few years, the country made comprehensive program, development and construction to Home Zhang group. Already open up bound of channel of stockaded village of brook of yellow Shi Zhai, Jin Bian, reins, Sha Dao, Chao Tianguan, Yuan Jia 6 scene area, already named a tourist attraction 90 many. Standard flag swims 6, overall length 21.8km; The car swims all right overall length 29.8km. The park has guesthouse bed more than pieces 4000, restaurant equipment can lay 5000 people at the same time repast.
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