Fierce hole river
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The middle of Youshui of Yuan water upper reaches that beauty spot of fierce hole river is located in West Hunan to always arrange prefectural churchyard. Form Gaoxia to make the same score a lake after wind beach hydroelectric station builds. Rise on not 2, dragon door gorge comes below, full-length 100 much kilometers, scene area area 255 square kilometer. Alarm of cliff of smooth lake two sides stands erect, gu Mu is very tall, cave is densely covered, strange stone is bony, gorge of hole of vessel temple, small dragon, mahatma, yin and yang is the hole of Chan of gorge of hole of gorge of door having dragon, avalokitesvara hole, melon of 8 sound stone, golden lion hole, an affectionate couple, gold, stone that break an arm, magical in March wind tunnel, monkey jump, fairy gorge, tasteful. Hill has water, element has “ 998 abduct doubt does not have a road, of ” of day of a gleam of of 55 pools beach say. Especially adrift Jing is not had danger, insecurity is exciting.

Fierce hole river

  Fierce hole river is seaborne

Be connected by filial piety of cost of vice-chairman of countrywide National People's Congress praise for “ the world the first fierce hole river that bleachs ” is here adrift, be in primitive and secondary forest in high mountain gorge, wear the garment that save a body, boat that take a skin, enter torrent of dangerous shoal, rich, watch waterfall of beautiful scenery, wash one's hair to flow on the way, hit “ water to battle ” , cross gorge to close. Primitive strange Wei and clever show will be intoxicated you.

Fierce hole river

  Fierce hole river makes the same score a lake to swim

Come from Wang Cun by luxurious yacht monkey jump smooth lake swims. Whole journey 40 more than kilometer, all the way the wild monkey of beautiful, Yue Yugu, play, gully that get dissolve, water that taste a river boils scale of smooth scale of Shui Bishan blueness, wave, scene live fish. Come here to swim all one's life not to forget.