Brief introduction of park of forest of country of hill of door of nature of Hom
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Day door hill, hill of Gu Chenyun dream, fleabane bridge hill, it is Zhang Jia the bound is written down the earliest the renown hill of annals. Wu Yongan of the Three Kingdoms 6 years (the Christian era 263 years) , suddenly cliff hole opens fleabane bridge hill, xuan Lang is like the door, form to this day hole of infrequent door of day of —— of world marvellous spectacle, from now on and hill of door of the day that get a name.

Day door hill is the hill with top height above sea level of Home Zhang group, be apart from the city zone only 8 kilometers, get a name because of hole of door of day of natural marvellous spectacle. Menshangu calls the day fleabane bridge hill, hill of renown cloud dream, square crock hill, it is the renown hill that Home Zhang group is record in annals the earliest, the highest peak in a mountain range 1518.6 meters, was approved to be national forest park in July 1992. The Three Kingdoms always install 6 years (the Christian era 263 years) , kilometre of fleabane bridge hill is tall absolutely suddenly the hole opens place cliff, xuan Lang is like the door, what Wudi Sun Xiu inspects is auspicious, day door hole leaves say to circulate the world, fleabane bridge hill also from this hill of Yi Mingtian door.
Prop up the day door hill of the day unpluggingly, hill situation is steep unplug steeply, the scenery is magnificent and gallant, the natural painted screen of bound of the Zhang Jia that be called. The day begins Yu Yanshan to move since Menshanlong, again orogenic movement of classics the Himalayas, hill body is acuteness carry litre of kilometre above, all round be cut deeply by fault joint cut, add long-term weather-beaten karst action, bring up Gao Shi of Cuo high mountain, be high up in the air alone honour karst stage landforms. Its summit is relatively even, in store is complete primitive and secondary forest, having a lot of very precious with distinctive plant breed, the forest is enclothed rate amount to 90. Meantime ancient tree is very tall, cirrus is twined, lichenous spread all over, stalagmitic, Shi Ya steps forward all is, be like day of become miniascape everywhere, by the person praise the garden in be the world's most beautiful sky and day group elfland.
Day door hole, 131.5 meters tall, more than meters 50 wide, north and south runs from opposite directions on the 1000 walls that seek quiet, of great momentum, lofty is tall absolutely, it is infrequent high height above sea level wears hill cave, it is to all show the coronal world marvellous spectacle with magical good luck more.
All the year round of day door hole is dense rising, picture is unpredicatable, from time to tome all round cloud and mist spits accept to break up in the hole oneself emerge, way way rays of morning or evening sunshine penetrates a hole and go out from time to tome, magnificent is magical, just like dreamland, seem contain world boundless mystery. Ceng Ji of local history annals carries: When “ Xuan Guzhi, aborigines sees rays of morning or evening sunshine goes out from Yun Meng, violet gas is vacated circle, be filled with leave at the hole, excessive closes at the day, think auspicious sign, respectful and prostrate the ” with doing obeisance to. From of old, the “ day door of strange unreal beauty spits ” of Men Lingguang of day of mist ” , “ , be considered as the elephant of day group auspicious sign, the name hears far and near.
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