崀 hill
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Beauty spot of 崀 hill travel is located in south new peaceful town place of 10 more than kilometer, gross area makes an appointment with 100 square kilometer, the tourist attraction that already developed 60 place. 崀 hill is landforms of peak forest of typical red glow, it is one surprises with beauty of water show, hill, hole celebrated scene treasure ground. In 崀 hill on this land, protuberant stone forest community, complex lime cliff cave, mysterious gorge group flow with beautiful Fu Yijiang, formed the natural landscape of cliff of red of green jade water.

崀 hill

Scene area has 3 natural bridge; 10 handle day of a gleam of; Have 10 cave that have distinguishing feature each; Even if follow in a continuous line is entire,have 8 brooks river condition; Have more than 20 grand gorge; Have a lot of beautiful flowers and grasses, beasts fowl. Gather for its gist, inside the red glow landforms in kilometer of this 100 more than square, stockaded village of peak of cave of cent violet glow, camel, anise, below half hill and Fu Yijiang area of 5 great respect.

崀 hill

  Area of scene of violet glow cave. This area includes hill of hole of chamfer of jade spring temple, 10 thousand scene, immortal, red tile to wait for 11 place tourist attraction.
Jade spring temple is bethel of Hunan southwest buddhism formerly, there is this temple by the temple barrow of generation a Buddhist monk; Jade spring temple has the Shi Yan that grows 33 meters to answer outline to character 8 door, two fall on cent, all be tourist attraction, chamfer of among them 10 thousand scene divides fluctuation 3 class, each have distinguishing feature; Immortal hole is in defile of bovine bazoo stockaded village, make an appointment with 200 meters greatly, the structure is peculiar, deep and serene and grand; Bluff of cliff of red made of baked clay hill is as long as 700 meters, gao Baimi, precipice burrow is densely covered, picture myriad. Violet glow cave is the gorge of an a winding path leading to a secluded spot, the area amounts to 100 mus, there is rufous cliff all round, the setting sun is inclined according to, reflection gives 10 thousand rays of morning or evening sunshine, violet enrage hover and get a name. According to legend is “ violet Xia Zhen's person in this place of ascetic ” , have inside clear the lotus pool that sees an end, storm water is filled with feet, long drought water not exhaust.

Area of camel peak scene. This area includes the 13 place tourist attraction such as peak of hole of day of a gleam of, ghost, candle.
Camel peak is comprised by 4 Shi Shan, be exactly like a tremendous camel searching a companion, body of end of far sth. worth seeing or reading, outline is trenchant. With a gleam of Tian Yao confronts each other. At the beginning of Qing Dynasty, yi Xiayang sends Kui to hold high turn over Qing Fuming banner, meet with clear change order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large, stay hereat. Still have the ladder of 99 degree weather that he certains in those days today, god of a righteous person and stone mill, the peak carries Yi Cunji on the head. This peak is the apogee of 崀 hill beauty spot. If certain,its southeast side is made the same score to the summit from the foot of a hill, be like uncanny workmanship to carve and become, can says “ does not have ” of word day tablet.
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