Pickled Chinese cabbage boils water bean curd
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Well-known, the five flavors is to point to: Acerbity, sweet, suffering, hot, salty, acerbity amid to lead. This kind passes barmy chemistry material, how interesting flavour is in the food of our daily life, it is how wonderful sense. People likes it, welcome degree be obvious to all.

Pickled Chinese cabbage boils water bean curdIn daily life, we besides vinegar taking a place, taste some of Yang Mei beyond, those who eat is most can be pickled Chinese cabbage. Dish of hydrochloric acid of pickle of Korea pickles, northeast pickled Chinese cabbage, Sichuan, Guizhou, of acerbity acid, breed but true many. Acerbity, console oneself with false hopes. Acerbity, the tooth should fall. Acerbity, it is so appetizing, so satisfy a craving. Acerbity, to any person, should hear only meet immediately enunciation promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, be inspired with enthusiasm. Pardonable want sour ground to cry only: Emerald green flower! With respect to who understand tacitly. Emerald green flower is attractive, have allure more.

“ seedling home does not take sick at heart, hit stagger on foot. ” acid feeds the significant position in food of seedling home life. In extended chaos caused by war and frequent big change steep in, as a result of special status of the history, nurturance what Miao Jiaxi eats acid to feed is consuetudinary. Pickled Chinese cabbage boils water bean curd, it is the entree of seedling home. Make handy, its flavour is boundless. Pickled Chinese cabbage boils water bean curd, photograph of acerbity salty shade is comfortable when making, boil boils time to grow a bit, flavour is delicious and powerful, taste very goluptious lure feed. Boil boils time weak point, relaxed and goluptious. It is OK to eat pickled Chinese cabbage to boil water bean curd hurried bright is life-giving, enhance appetite, it is the delicate cate that phoenix seedling home receives honoured guest visitor.