Lotus presses down rice bean curd
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The rice bean curd that presses down with West Hunan lotus is very famous. rice abluent, immerse one day, become rice thick liquid with water mill. Put rice thick liquid heat is burned inside boiler, add right amount edible at the same time alkaline (the earth that old times burns ash to be boiled with carapace of fruit of tung oil tree is alkaline) , exert oneself to do sth. at the same time agitate, till thoroughly cook, put within the basin again, those who make is cooling, become namely. When edible, the rice bean curd that uses filament general cause of formation delimits the little grain of 1 ~ 2cm3, bubble enters clear water in, go up fully again all sorts of spice (chili end, sweet green, Jiang Mo, tomato sauce, gourmet powder, soy) , with hot water lukewarm very hot, fill Yu Wanzhong to add spice, can. Bright of its flavour faint scent is slippery, acerbity hot goluptious, put balm and chili, more flavour is dye-in-the-wood, sweet, hot, bright, tender.

Lotus presses down rice bean curd Summer of the traditional Chinese calendar, very be current. Old times also the ” of “ maize bean curd that useful jade the metric system becomes, its make law and edible method, taste all as similar as rice bean curd.

Production method:
Raw material:
Rice bean curd 250 grams, crisp soya bean 10 grams, scamper earthnut 10 grams, rutabaga 10 grams, saline dish 10 grams.
Water of juice of oil of red oil, sesame oil, Chinese prickly ash, soy, vinegar, gourmet powder, ginger, garlic, chopped green onion right amount.
The working procedure that make:
Mix. Oar of water wear rice is added after rice pan immerses, into boiler the agitate that burn boil is become stiff mushy, join a few limewater agitate be used to comes ripe, load rice bean curd is become namely after the Leng Liang inside the basin is caky. Cut rice bean curd again grow 5 centimeters or rhombic piece put dish inside, dish of the kohlrabi that will cut, salt, crisp soya bean, crisp earthnut, chopped green onion is put at rice bean curd, put the condiment such as water of juice of oil of red oil, sesame oil, Chinese prickly ash, soy, vinegar, ginger, garlic with small bowl add becomes juice, irrigate drench go up at rice bean curd can.
Gust characteristic:
Gong Liang of colour and lustre, acid is hot goluptious, arrange of cool and refreshing solution.
Technical essentials:
The chroma of rice oar wants measurable, the limewater that joins when oar of the rice that boil cannot pass much; Batch of appropriate of rice bean curd is made.