Earthy home bacon
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West Hunan person has a kind to lie between year of habit that smokes bacon. Face close the end of the year every year, killed year of pig general foot of head of the flesh, pig, pig is used at doing bacon entirely. Above all hew of will fresh pork 56 jins of strip, knead next salt and put in big crock after all sorts of flavor (anything but can bathe) bloat the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site 6 days, to make fleshy tasty even, lie between 9 days to be about to turn over the flesh. Wait for salt and flavor dip to eat the meat inside, again high wear the Fang Liang that hangs fiery pit or kitchen head to go up, a kind of sweet grass slowly with fireworks dry. A kind of sweet grass the bacon that makes better can save above of half an year commonly. If with the orange Pi Xun carbonadoes, appear in bacon oil red, red in bright, do not see cigarette ash, color more show good-looking.

Earthy home baconKang bacon is a rough work, can have inside a lot of“Knowledge”, same kang house, same time, same fuel, fume the bacon that come out to may have differ in thousands ways. Fume bacon to must pay attention to a method, bacon cannot use fast cooked food, such bacon can change flavour, the time both neither of bacon can be short also cannot grow, can affect fleshy fish directly otherwise. Time is too short sample be less than cured meat, time is too long can make you difficult the following pharynx.

The beard before bacon makes food is abluent, thoroughly cook, evaporate is soft, again section, already but edible of hot pepper of acerbity soup of direct Taoist sacrificial ceremony, also can add spice to break up fry, fragrance is distinct, famished look Yi Jia, fry brake dish commonly in the cafeteria bacon of phoenix.