Chinese chestnut stews chicken
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Chinese chestnut stews chicken Go smoothly of Chinese chestnut element has the good name such as ” of crops of lever of iron of the king ” of “ dried fruit, “ , teem with at this condition each are a mountainous area. Breed basically has chestnut of big commonplace chestnut, oily Chinese chestnut, rice Chinese chestnut, Mao Ban, chestnut coming back (a kind of small chestnut that shows a circle) etc. Huang Bai of Chinese chestnut pulp, faint scent is fragile sweet, nutrition is rich. Chinese chestnut stews chicken, duck, have a distinctive flavour. Sun Saimiao of home of Tang Dynasty medicine says: “ chestnut, the fruit of kidney also, nephrosis appropriate feeds. ” .

Chinese chestnut is the one big local speciality of phoenix, blame with seed bead full, fructification fleshy old black oily Chinese chestnut is optimal. Weighed this world in September, close just about when picking Chinese chestnut, receive the Chinese chestnut that come home to choose grain big, without the Chinese chestnut of plant diseases and insect pests, put its in the air on ventilated and pervious to light house bridge. At this moment, two jins of right-and-left hens butcher (duck) fleshy stripping and slicing, after thoroughlying cook Chinese chestnut seed again, the chicken with mix good with frying (duck) fleshy fire is stewed, will be its flavour is boundless, houseful waves sweet. This is the special cookbook with rare stockaded village of earthy countryside seedling.