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“ autumn hotpot surpasses Jin Dan ” , those who say is hotpot is peculiar take filling effect. The nutrient value of hotpot is mixed under beef slightly pork close, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks hotpot flavour pleasant, sex is lukewarm, but below beneficial gas filling empty, Wen Zhongnuan. Hotpot chaffy dish is the cate that suits Qiu Dong to eat.

The hotpot of Hunan, become a black goat of this world that push clear.

Black goat of clear this world is breed of the whole nation's rare pure black goat, yuan Mingxiang east black goat, black goat of this world of clear of official 1985 name enrolls " Chinese goat " one book. Country and the area such as Hong Kong, Macao, southeast Asia call “ filling sheep ” black goat, its flesh fiber fine, hardness small, flesh is qualitative delicate, flavour value of minimum of delicious, smell of mutton, nutrition is high; Protein content is in 22.6 above, adipose content under 3, cholesterol content is lower than pork 75, lower than beef and sheep 6.2, contain human body indispensible and amino acid 15 kinds of above, with cereal amino acid content is high, amount to 11.03. Have the strong put oneself in another's position of Zhuang Yang of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, filling empty, effect that heightens force of human body immunity, prolong life and hairdressing, have apparent nourishing effect to aged body empty, sickish patient particularly, old young all appropriate.

The hotpot chaffy dish that black goat makes, shang Xianmei, flesh slips tender, it is winter delicate; ” of black goat of “ sheet jelly made from bean or sweet potato starch chooses black goat of clear in relief special local product and yam sheet jelly made from bean or sweet potato starch to make, the “ that useful still red pointed chili does is small fry black goat ” , the ” of hoof of “ taste sheep that does with ovine hoof, and “ is small frying miscellaneous ” of ovine miscellaneous ” , “ taste sheep, “ to buckle hotpot ” to wait is the delicate cate that black goat of clear this world brings.

Instant-boiled mutton, allegedly the earliest traceable becomes Jisaihan's barback.

Where of “ rinse flesh goes, still count Dong Laishun ” , be Dong Laishun, push instant-boiled mutton to acme, be famous in China and foreign countries. The sheep is the wether that comes from Inner Mongolia carry (the sheep that castrate crosses) , raise period of time in Beijing outskirt circle even again butcher, to avoid journey fatigued, be frighted, fleshy qualitative change is poor. The flesh chooses ” of the head on “ , “ small cucumber of 3 fork ” , “ the place such as ” , make sure mouthfeel is fresh and tender. Use tailor-made charcoal fire chaffy dish, the chamber of a stove or furnace flourishing of big, charcoal fire. Soup is clear soup, put a few dried shrimps, Jiang Pian and a kind of dried mushroom only. Condiment is made up meticulously, bittern of fermented bean curd, bloat shrimp sauce of leek cauliflower, bittern, sesame paste is allocated in proportion, still deserve to go up end of chopped green onion, Yan alizarin red, sweetened garlic. Since clip thin thin ovine cutlet is in the stockpot of scram rinse is ripe, dip in on condiment, who can resist its temptation!
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