Great theater of Changsha Tian Han
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Great theater of Tian Han of group of Changsha wide cable stands tall and upright in the the Changsha City to work road and lotus road are handed in on the west collect place, building gross area 28 thousand square metre. By the country investment builds it nearly 200 million yuan one, what give priority to with professional show is muti_function modern theater. It changes square etc by great theater, odeum, Tian Hanwen accessary establishment composition.

Big play of Changsha Tian Han
Odeum of great theater of Changsha Tian Han

As the modern theater that gives priority to with professional show, great theater seating is 1206, apply colours to a drawing of light of complete digitlization pilot gives the arena aura of numerous and complicated, deserve to home's top-ranking 16 meters rotate arena and 4 lifting platform. Here is the whole nation's top-ranking decorous and artistic hall, performing flowery and dazzing put together everyday art program. Begin You Tianhan great theater and collaboration of group of Hong Kong China from 2002, every night in what Tian Han great theater performs evening party of put together art uses clinking shock power, to wide audience the art with find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind is enjoyed. Culture of hall of song of mainland of whole evening party general and theater culture organic union is together, show the color of the Broadway already, have the sign of French red mill again, theater every day capacity audience. There is the most original dance beauty here design, most the musical air of extensive great, most the lighting effects of bright, most the glaring dress, giantest cast. Nearly 100 youth are beautiful beautiful actor of China and foreign countries is brought for you be different from general exotic amorous feelings, of acrobat masterly craft, unpredicatable large and magic, bold and generous rock and roll song king, native land humour laughs at a star to make you big open horizon absolutely, hand in a mouth to praise.

Big play of Changsha Tian Han

Odeum has 836 places, clarity of hall hall style is lively, be those who hold symphony and chamber music show and solo to wait is professional odeum. Odeum uses design of completely natural sound, do not use any electroacoustic, use acoustics reflex principle to achieve perfect phonic effect. Odeum started city of star of · of 2005 good morning 2005 concert of 4 old series: Series of the season of music of series of division of name of a person of academic or artistic distinction, Hunan, door series that opens music, international art and literary circles, 2005 year perform a concert more than 150, sensation was caused in decorous music market.

Act as Chinese culture art the mark sex of cultural and ideological progress of aircraft carrier, top-ranking professional show theater, the Changsha City is built, cropland Chinese great theater is in the management strategy of the guides next holding to that pursue “ to promote the Chinese nation of ethical culture, promotion culture grade ” of meandering of general manager Liu, create high-quality goods culture with “ , promote decorous and artistic ” to be oneself, in “ everything for the audience, everything results from below the management concept of innovation ” , welcome all directions visitor with high-class service.
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