Golf of international of green bamboo lake
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Golf of international of green bamboo lake can belong to a member to make field, be located in the Hunan Province the Changsha City with picturesque scenery to open lakefront of blessing area green bamboo, be apart from the urban district 12 minutes car Cheng, what the conference that the ball already can build court of 18 holes country to reach 10000 square metre at present serves an area, additional lane of 9 holes lamplight (27 holes dimensions) in be being built. Field be subordinate to belongs to limited company of center of activity of international of Hunan foreign trader, by Shanghai love builds fiducial investment combination of limited company of investment of rich letter international invests finite liability company and Canada build. Basically be engaged in sightseeing of golf field, travel, sports fitness of recreational, recreation, business affairs goes vacationing and be being managed of the project such as estate development.

Green Zhu Hu will according to construction community of golf of first Hunan Province, golf forest travel is recreational go vacationing the development of 4 big themes of community of small town of area and community of golf business affairs and Europe of green bamboo lake undertakes building, golf of international of green bamboo lake can belong to field of country annulus lake, surpass Peter Thomason of chairman of association of golf of profession of Australia of —— of the 5 winners that connect a coronal publicly by king of world country ball, England (those gets · Thomson) the gentleman presents as leading role to design, design concept is: Field of Chinese landscape landscape, challenge style. At present 18 holes field has of all kinds member now 900, rolled out green Zhu Hu the interactive ball of club of 50 golf of interactive China can serve, it will make your join in times feeling appreciation facilitates, golf of international of green bamboo lake can welcome your arrival.

Field stylist: Those gets · Thomson (Australia)

Field state: Gross area: 2, hole of 400 mus of balls counts: 27 holes (18 holes already built)
Length of 72 of lever of 18 holes standard: 6, 424

Lane grass plants: 100 admire are amounted to 419

Grass of ball hole area plants: 100 admire are amounted to 328

The ball meets address: The Changsha City of Chinese Hunan Province opens lake of blessing area green bamboo to cross false region

Postcode: 410003

Phone: (0731) fax of 6783999     : (0731) 6782777
Book special railway line: (0731) 6782999

The service seeks advice: (0731) 6782778   group books a fax: (0731) 6783388

Changsha agency: Road of north of lotus of the Changsha City center of business affairs of 3 sanded level ground 7 buildings

Phone: (0731) 4471333, 4472333, 4482333

Sell a hot line: (0731) 4478166, 4478066

Fax: (0731) 4370777

The email: Http://www.hunangolf.com.cn
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