Big public house of airport of Home Zhang group
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Room of hotel of a scene shot on location of big public house of airport of Home Zhang group reach the price to book room of breakfast of price of valence retail sales model 260428 contain standard guest room 260428 contain brief introduction of hotel of information of hotel of luxurious guest room big public house of airport of Zhang Jia bound is by Zhang Jia bound lotus airport invests, build strictly by SamSung class hotel, be located in downtown of Home Zhang group, li water riverside, the environment is beautiful, be apart from airport of lotus of Home Zhang group 5 minutes car Cheng, railway station simply Cheng of 15 minutes of cars, traffic is convenient, wine merchant building is 7 tall, gross of mutual guest room 73 (cover) , it is your travel sightseeing, recreational, attend a meeting staying ideal hotel!
Hotel of airport of Home Zhang group welcomes you! !
Situation is apart from downtown: 0; Railway station: 3; Airport: 2; Surroundings: Establishment of meal of garden of amorous feelings of home of earth of hole of door of sky of day door mountain on the right side of 1 building Chinese meal hall, offer dish of authentic another name for Guangdong Province, Hunan dish and cate of earthy home gust. Western-style food hall is on the right side of 2 buildings, can offer various confect. Hotel of service of recreational facilities business affairs books conference establishment: Occasionally public house of region of cure? phoenix books a service center: Connect a telephone call: 2161717 faxes of 0744-2161616   : 0744-8290668 contact: QQ of lady of Mr Wang king seeks advice: (online customer service)   (online customer service) MSN: Hnxibu@hotmail.com   Hnxibutour@hotmail.com has difficulty, ask force seeking a state, we can give you genuine help. Book notice 1. If you book this hotel certainly, be called ahead of schedule please or contact with us on the net, order a room to whether succeed, we will reply to you! 2. Payment: Pay downstage (cash / credit card) . 3. Room cost includes a hotel to serve cost, do not include a hotel other charge, taxation and guest are additional the charge of the requirement. 4. Normally the time entering store of the hotel is 13: 00 later, time leaving store is midday 12: 00 before rectifying. If shift to an earlier date,live or defer from inn, hotel all but take into consideration the circumstances is added collect fixed fee. 5. Price of golden week house is with what the phone seeks advice accurate, we will give you a reasonable value according to actual condition!