Hotel of international of Changsha jasmine flower
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The hotel is located at middle of highway of Venus of area of Yue Lu of the Changsha City, municipal government of boreal adjacent municipal Party committee, ” of town of college of Na Lin “ , development of new and high technology of ” of cereal of “ the foot of mountain leans on the west, distance downtown is Cheng of 10 minutes of cars about, cheng of car of distance chrysanthemum airport is 30 minutes about, for Hunan first member controls public house of international business affairs. Hotel building is 16 tall, as provincial the high-quality goods that first original creation faces street garden and international block is luxurious business affairs hotel, have guest room of vogue, individuation in all, include flatlet of advanced guest room, business affairs guest room, president, jasmine flower among them luxurious flatlet, set a variety of houses such as smokeless room, lady room, den room model. The international administration that is located in a layer is auditoria of meeting place, international and outdoor coffee hall, small, the nightclub, for your business travel the life is added infinite and wonderful.
The hotel books a hot line:
(86) 731-4714999
Company website:

(86) 731-4699881

The place visits town:
Hunan · Changsha

Detailed address:
Beautiful Lin Yingu of highway of Venus of Hunan Province the Changsha City

Room book
Preferential price of breakfast of price of room retail sales

Advanced guest room 758 be 328 book

Business affairs guest room 958 be 358 book

Guest room of luxurious business affairs 998 be 398 book

CEO flatlet 1688 be 598