Rise a lake to connect Cheng mountain villa together
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Rise a lake to open hotel of Cheng mountain villa together on December 8, 2003 practice, it is Hunan Province first “ is luxurious muti_function zoology of 5 stars class is recreational go vacationing hotel ” , be located in scene to be the same as litre of lakefront beautifully, tell Cheng international big public house with Changsha (5 stars) belong to Changsha to tell group of Cheng Shi trade together. The hotel has guest room 300, jing Haohua having a lake double (odd) Hua Shuang of person room, Shan Jinghao (odd) a variety of rooms such as flatlet of scene of flatlet of scene of person room, network room, lake, hill. Cate of gust of square characteristic of dish of dish of hotel meal management Hunan, another name for Guangdong Province and each cultivate land, manufacture drink of all sorts of ecology health tea. Assembly room has both all sorts of conference functions, can hold all sorts of conferences and party, the biggest muti_function banqueting hall can hold 500 people, 5 auditoria provide facility of high-grade and advanced seeing and hearing. Recreational recreation project provides the public house all ready, have home the healthy motion such as center of house of top-ranking tennis court, ping-pong room, ping-pong room, natural swimming-pool, go angling, fitness project establishment, and sauna center, KTV, report swims, the healthy and recreational project such as chess art center.
The hotel books a hot line:
(86) 731-4714999
Company website: Http://www.51766.com

(86) 731-4699881

The place visits town:
Hunan · Changsha

Detailed address:
Changsha rain spends Ou Yuhua area to rise a lake together

Room book
Preferential price of breakfast of price of room retail sales

Hill scene is luxurious room 758 be 418 book

Lake scene is luxurious room 898 be 498 book

Hill Jing Haohua is covered 1248 be 688 book

Lake Jing Haohua is covered 1368 be 758 book