Big public house of hot spring of Changsha general luck
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Hotel of general luck hot spring is the hotel of 5 stars class that invests build by Hunan Province publication group. Be located in in green hill green water, scene meandering, scenery happy person, recreation of fitness of conference of collect business affairs, recuperate, meal, recreational go vacationing at an organic whole, it is medium south area hotel of the first zoology.
Hotel by advocate building, meal conference building, Kang Tiyu happy building, villatic area, former zoology is recreational area and advocate scene stage is comprised. Have 222 / cover guest room, 14 villa; Size assembly room 11, muti_function office facilities is advanced and perfect, can hold 300-1200 person; Zoology assembly room is the window in assembly room and innovation more, the zoology experience that gives the person that meet is in Changsha is peerless. The project everything needed is ready such as meal, recreation, person of the passenger that it is business brings each advantage. Take from underground hundreds meters in slant silicon acid hot spring, combine the advanced hydrotherapy device that abroad introduces, make a true hot spring SPA. As the public house that has publication background, do one's best builds atmosphere of lake Hunan culture, inheritance is outstanding ethical culture, become the public house of 5 stars class that literal museum offers inside first old hall of domestic.
The hotel books a hot line:
(86) 731-4714999
Company website: Http://www.preess.com

(86) 731-4699881

The place visits town:
Hunan · Changsha

Detailed address:
The the Changsha City looks at highway of city star city

Room book
Preferential price of breakfast of price of room retail sales

Between sheet of luxurious business affairs, two-men 1088 be 418 book

Apartment of luxurious business affairs 2888 be 798 book

Between advanced administration sheet, two-men 1188 be 518 book

Between luxurious administration sheet, two-men 1288 be 668 book

Advanced administration apartment 3388 be 1188 book

Luxurious administration apartment 3888 be 1388 book

Pu Ruilou 11888 be 3288 book

Confuse world of your Pu Ruishuang 288 be 238 book

Confuse world of your Pu Ruishuang 288 be 238 book

Confuse your family flatlet 488 be 388 book

Domestic flatlet (mahjong room) 488 be 388 book