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Big public house of Hua Yaguo border is by Hunan Xin Huaya group invests build, own the hotel of luxurious zoology gardens of Changjiang Delta gardens and contemporary golf field at the same time. Hotel 2006 January 26 days do business formally, awarded 5 stars class formally the public house by national tourism bureau on March 12, 2007. The hotel is located in a the Changsha City 10 thousand beautiful in road 2 paragraphs 81, north faces airport high speed, labor leans south east road, home Xi Zhenmo beautiful road, on the intermediate node that is in new city of downtown and sports. Kui pond river circles an area and go, garden of zoology of saline boat hill depends on an area and stand, reflected “ hill, water adequately, continent, the zoology space pattern of city ” . Hotel traffic is very convenience, be apart from chrysanthemum airport 20 minutes car Cheng, leave a railway station ten minutes car Cheng, cheng of 5 minutes of cars can go up Beijing bead high speed. The hotel always invests 600 million multivariate, have 2 a building, buildings and luxurious villa 3, a building is 19 tall, 2 buildings are 16 tall, total floor area 120 thousand more than square metre, have various guest room 866 / set and establishment of perfect meal, recreation. Model of hotel main body shows by protruding of headroom look down at too extremely graph, personality of modelling establishing a range is distinct, have induct elite, everythings on earth to put in one meaning 's charge. Inside Hua Yayuan little bridge running water, but go angling, can go boating; Gushu is very tall, lou Yuyu fining jade, cloth of standing forest of Zhu Lin, peach forest, shaddock forest, ginkgo among them, have more than 1600 the Gu Shu of tree age about a hundred, concentration reflected the zoology theme of person and natural and harmonious development. Open eye shot, perfect establishment, big public house of Hua Yaguo border and 1600 spring an await respectively you!
The hotel books a hot line:
(86) 731-4714999
Company website: Http://www.vaya-hotel.com

(86) 731-4699881

The place visits town:
Hunan · Changsha

Detailed address:
Hunan Province the Changsha City 10 thousand beautiful in road 2 paragraphs 81