Hotel of Hunan beautiful Cheng
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The hotel is located in labor on the west road, stand by downtown, on July 28, 1999 practice, the building is 34 tall, gross of mutual guest room is covered 238 times, the area between mark 15 smooth rice.

Hotel of Hunan beautiful Cheng is the international that invests by group of Cheng of Hong Kong beautiful restaurant of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of travel of 5 stars stage. Building system is 34 expensive, of great momentum, forceful lofty, interior decorates beautiful Lun Meihuan, bring out the best in each other, be affection of shirt-sleeve Europe land wind and lake Hunan culture is perfect and crystal.
Service concept: The client is our friend
Hotel by the United States hotel group limited company manages Delisate, have a professional quality the employee team with strong drive of Gao Hejing industry. “ major and excellent service ” are hotel of Hunan beautiful Cheng the target of indefatigable effort, it is the earnest acceptance to the client more.

The hotel books a hot line:
(86) 731-4714999
Company website: Http://www.hnbrhotel.com

(86) 731-4699881

The place visits town:
Hunan · Changsha

Detailed address:
The the Changsha City works on the west road 215

Room book
Preferential price of breakfast of price of room retail sales

Between administrative level / odd world 699 be 358 book

Advanced guest room 849 be 448 book

Luxurious guest room 999 be 498 book

Business affairs guest room 1059 be 618 book

Between Xiaochan 699 be 358 book

Advanced flatlet 1359 be 708 book

IT guest room 999 be 508 book

Business affairs flatlet 1709 be 858 book