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Peach plain sweet taro

Producing area: Chinese Hunan Jiang Yong.

Distributing: Basically originate in Jiang Yong county peach plain, on the villages and towns such as river of hole, rubble. Because peach plain presses down the main distribution centre that is Jiang Yongxiang taro, receive taro season every year, taro full market, with “ China ” of peach plain sweet taro names together with China sells the sweet taro toward the international market, the sweet taro that reason river always produces, a general designation is “ ” of peach plain sweet taro. Characteristic: Sweet taro is belonged to twine wood plant. Its bine, leaf and common taro are similar, it is the bine is as high as rice of just a little only, the leaf is like an umbrella greatly, underground has bulbiform root tuber, one bine, big person weight has 4, 5 a unit of weight. This kind of root tuber uses as vegetable, offer people edible. Its flesh differs with general taro character, sweet taro place is contained amylaceous, protein, vitamin, adipose etc class status is higher, taste not hemp mouth, flavour is delicious, have a kind of special sweet smell. It is pink of the cake that make, taro, taro piece, the excellent raw material of the food such as taro bolus. Peach plain sweet taro is a kind of meat or fish, element all appropriate, what nutrition abounds is vegetable. After the course is cooked, have vegetable the pine is goluptious, the distinctive local color with delightful faint scent.

Eight treasures by

The traditional handicraft with famous autonomous county of river China the Yao nationality, already had had hundreds of years of histories. Eight treasures is used classy cotton thread is woven, bedcover embroider grabs kylin of ball ” , “ to send into double lion of ” of “ rhinoceros full moon, “ child branchial fish of ” of unkennel of Jin Long of in relief ” of Dan Fengchao of ” , “ , “ , “ jumps dragon door " 8 kinds stay case, friend says eight treasures by. Its depend on dot is: Does Tiao of the だ that reach stalk whiz  of station of remnant  ひ kills discharge of  of Mu Geng of  of  of sandpiper approach  to send  bank astounded to take Qian Mei of  of eggplant of emperor of Ρ of suck of  of  of = of Chi of Da Chen tuft does 2  of calcic two of Tuo of milometer Mian Bi Mou abandon   ?

Wine of blue hill black paste

Common calls wine of “ ox excrement " . Because its color brown is black,be like bovine excrement and renown. Do not visit its its appearance not raise, its name is indelicate, but wine juice is particularly concentrated, drop do not flow on the desk, coagulate one small group. Some flavour is full-bodied and honey. Balmy ooze is nose, the aftertaste after drink is boundless. In village of blue mountain area, came in the home only the most exalted drink guest, just take out this kind of wine to feast. Of black burnt wine make exquisite: ∮ of Gou of violet sew  is rotten fat die Huang of  of  of  of season of rotten handkerchief of A Chinese-style unlined garment of rare  of  of defect Zi  accumulate > of shank of Jiao of  of Piao faithful ┣ ferociouses quite coal Xi  chants danger  to be able to bear or endure with Kuang Mi hesitating of enzymatic cutout of  of Zha desk Zheng is crowded an enclosure for storing grain " eminent, wine fluid already became the color that resembles cow dung kind. This kind of wine contains a variety of nutrition component such as vitamin, protein, have a gas invigorate the circulation of blood, wake sluggish of life-giving, disappear goes to the head wet, stomachic wait for effect. Local brushs the sick person that is having a fever to go up with this kind of wine. Can make patient allay a fever. Wine of black paste of constant drink blue hill, but strong anything resembling a tendon or vein be good at lienal. Prolong life.
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