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Lotus of rock candy Hunan
Hunan lotus produces at Hunan Xiangtan area. It is lubricious white, flavour sweet, flesh is tender, with first what build lotus and label countrywide lotus seed. Olden people regards rich nourishing as advanced and nourishing food lotus heart all the time. Of Li Shizhen " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " account: “ lotus seed fills in repose, increase effort, divide 100 disease. Long take light body to be able to bear or endure old, not when be hungry delays king of year of horse of ……” Hunan Changsha to pile Chinese grave to come up out of land, discover the people more than 2000 years ago regards food as lotus heart. Enter food with Hunan lotus, be in bright, before Qing Dynasty relatively be current, to latter-day begin to use rock candy to make. Characteristic: Be burned with rock candy and evaporate of lotus of Hunan of Hunan famous product and become. The colour and lustre that become dish is white, lotus heart is crisp sodden, sweet tastily. Craft: Go to lotus heart flay the heart puts a bowl inside, add basket steam comes on Wen Shui soft sodden. The baked wheaten cake in frying boiler to use is hot, put clear water, next rock candy burn boil, after waiting for rock candy to be dissolved completely, leave
Ovine deer wool is pointed
Needle of ovine deer wool won gold prize of exposition of agriculture of the 2nd China 1995, by production of tea plantation of deer of Xiangtan county sheep.
Orchid mountain tea
Green tea series:
Xiangtan lampwick cake
Lampwick cake is strip food, white, smooth, get a name with lampwick of be similar in shape. Allegedly lampwick cake is in not famous at that time, get only place of people love. 1915, lampwick cake played Panama international fair, each country emissary and businessman see this kind of appearance is the food of strip, white, soft embellish, smooth, have pure jade laurel sweet smell, take it is OK to go up in one's hand the turn is ceaseless into the circle, the strangest is after be being ignited with match, whole root can be lighted, consequently exclaim rises. Then, the cake of “ lampwick ” of be worthy of the name well-known in the world.
Dish nods characteristic
Hunan dish nods a characteristic
Hunan lotus
Xiangtan has the good name of the countryside ” of lotus of “ China Hunan, it is articles of tribute of past dynasties royalty, ” of “ Cun Sanlian is celebrated China and foreign countries is the curiosa in lotus. 63.4% what crop of Xiangtan Hunan lotus takes the throughout the country, and quality all is excellent, the year's harvest pays the specified amount 120 million yuan or so. Entire county has what 4000 much people are engaged in lotus seed to cultivate at present, treatment, traffic. The series product of lotus seed and deep treatment also are developing ceaselessly. Chinese national Commodity Inspection Bureau is right 1992 Hunan
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