Hunan shops - pointed tea of wool of West Hunan ancient a unit of length
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Needle of wool of ancient a unit of length originates in Hunan Province western riverside of Gu Yang of affluent of water of the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches of fierce hill mountain range, it is one of Chinese well-known tea with long history, tang Dynasty county already entered tribute,

County of ancient a unit of length is located in Wu Ling a mountainous area, here 10 thousand hill are lush and green, the green of day of seem join cloud is marine, in hill besides long many fir, Song Baizhi, still have say for what never decay autumn of another name for Yunnan Province, red Chinese torreya, offer the Baile that view and admire and arch phoenix tree and tung tree, and tung oil tree, tea-oil tree, the economic forest such as together with tea, more the ancient prose of the countryside of this forest, added beautiful description and pride.

Wool of ancient a unit of length is pointed, famed whole nation, already had a few export in recent years, for foreign place assist. According to account of county annals of ancient a unit of length: 19 centuries of “ last years, the tea of Gu Zhangping hall, kind hill person little, all family garden place is produced, the bright Xie Biao of needle of wool of ancient a unit of length allows to be one bud exhibit at the beginning of 2 leaves. Treatment craft is kill green, cool breeze, knead first, fry 2 blueness, answer knead, fry 3 blueness, do, carry fine long hair to receive boiler 8 working procedure.

After killing blueness, the Xie Xu that kill blueness passes cool breeze, in order to come loose steam, classics is proper after be being kneaded first, undertake into boiler “ fries 2 green ” , again classics answer is kneaded, undertake into boiler “ fries 3 green ” again, when frying tea base not to stick a hand, do all right namely. Do also undertake in boiler, its law is both hands grasps tea at control, apply control force to undertake circumgyrate rub is kneaded, the edge kneads an edge diffuse, make wall of boiler of tea base edge scatters boil turn, undertake for many times repeatedly so, wait for tea to amount to when working most probably, enter carry fine long hair to receive boiler, fry show to Bai Hao, tea is fully sweet hair, give boiler to collect.

According to history record. Period of the Eastern Han Dynasty, ancient a unit of length already included tea of countrywide famous product the division, city of Tang Dynasty brook enters tribute with young tea leaves namely, small quiet room is labelled after royal articles of tribute. Pointed collect and process of wool of ancient a unit of length is delicate, encompass tightens a knot, or bend and be like fishhook, or straight and be like javelin, show with verdure of colour and lustre, Bai Hao, Shang Se olivine cotton of mellow bright of bright, flavor, aftertaste is sweet long, sweet tall abiding, be able to bear or endure long to the remarkable endoplasm characteristic such as bubble negative great reputation. Needle of wool of ancient 1929 a unit of length wins award of well-known tea of international of French international exposition, department of trade of the classics outside 1957 sends exhibit Lai to compare stannic international exhibition, realize small lot to export Germany in those days; Was judged to be Hunan Province 1982 high grade well-known tea the first, 10 big well-known tea of selected China; Certificate of honor of department of trade of the classics outside was being obtained 1983, be labelled product of high grade exit; Won gold prize of fair of first food of Beijing 1988; Obtained exposition of agriculture of 99 China International 1999“Famous brand product”Title, be judged to be“Product of Hunan famous brand”, “99 Hunan market is had lead highest brand and 99 Hunan consumer to buy ” of first selection brand.
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