Hunan shops - craft of nation of Home Zhang group
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Much appearance of arts and crafts of the Tujia nationality is colorful, bright and beautiful wall is brilliant. Sufficient report gives the clever wisdom of earthy family and creation ability. Be versed in with be being made by hand in ethical craft and build handicraft to be highlighted particularly. There basically is spin in manual art respect, braid, inwrought, articles made of bamboo is braided etc. With respect to spin character, home of the earth when Zouhan first civilian learn delaine of spin energy industry, history say“Cloth ” . Card general ” also calls the “ Xi Lan that has distinguishing feature of the Tujia nationality ” of brocade of “ earth home (Chinese calls “ earth to spend bedclothes ” to be planted firstly namely) , it is curiosa of arts and crafts of tradition of the Tujia nationality. It has the history long, pattern is comparative and elegant, colourful, strong, imagine rich, craft to wait for a characteristic distinctly, have extensive and economic value already, have very high aesthetic value again, it is the artistic emersion of evolution of history of the Tujia nationality and public feelings custom, can calls China and world minority spin the person that handicraft aboves average. Earthy home girl from 11, begin cross-stitch work embroidery 2 years old, then becomes the embroider that knit colour bright and beautiful hotshot. The girl gets married the earthy beautiful bedclothes that surely oneself are woven with one's own hands is made dotal, otherwise, can be not removed by Sui of the person in stockaded village. Earthy home knits continous to knit compose couplet and be become with 3 colour, two end are set knit color lacy, constitute a beautiful pattern. Its knit grain design to be able to divide kind: It is to take the elephant at natural everythings on earth; 2 it is all sorts of custom geometry graphs; 3 it is original pictographic design. Among them, be in the majority with design of local custom geometry again. Broche subject matter has glow of appearance of bird of form of wild flowers, bug, auspicious cloud to wait for everythings on earth of natural scene and the people. Qing Dynasty has an anonymous person to make brook city ancient folk songs with love as their main theme say: Peony of “ elegant demeanour is artful, flower of 8 round peony is filled with. The brocade of the Tujia nationality that ” needs plant of technology of nation of Home Zhang group produces fierce hill source greatly, be chosen to send Beijing the Asia Game, of craft of brocade of home of earth of it serves to show elegant.

Cross-stitch work, pull carpentry of flower, inwrought, bamboo to braid etc in earth in the home, white people very be current. Cross-stitch work and pull a flower (also say to install a flower) it is a bottom with white hand-woven cloth more, go up in base fabric with a variety of color consummate all sorts of drawing (cross-stitch work is commonly used black line, pull beautiful commonly used color) , sufficient report gives earthy home Bai Min's woman to have deep love for the life and distinctive and aesthetic consciousness. “ inwrought ” is multi-purpose at adornment, shade of sheet, account, pillow towel, handkerchief child, steamer is to embed the artistic curiosity that has elegant and easy pattern. Folk song is card: “ calico handkerchief child 4 horn, goose of wild goose of the embroider on 4 horn; Handkerchief child rotted wild goose goose is in, do not see a talent see underhand method (craft) . ” is visible, earthy home girl is good at embroidery, its craft is masterly unsurpassed. Zhu Yi is the traditional craft of earthy home nation. The Tujia nationality braids basket of bamboo basket, bamboo, bamboo craft of dustpan of sieve, bamboo is very exquisite, model is beautiful and liberal, and hard usage. Humble the softness of bamboo thin bamboo strip that is like paper is like silk, faint scent ooze is nose, waterfall of the bamboo when braiding is spat in the gush in artisan hand break up fly, boiling is good-looking. 1000 appearance the Zhu Yi product of 100 condition, imagine with the abundance of actor and abound the peculiar ornamental design of poetic flavour, click of the tongue of all without exception of the person that make watch gasps in admiration. The Zhu Yi high-quality goods such as these basket, basket, basket, not only celebrated with technology molding, and it is the indispensable associate in life of every nationality people. Live in the earthy family in hill especially, it is basket does not leave back, basket more not discharge shoulder; Even if the new daughter-in-law female body that 3 face of “ answer door ” carries one basket on the back to wear the ” of “ ceremony travel with red green place also is met times feeling is honorable, add luster more. Person of the Tujia nationality is in respect of craft of painterly, building, sculpture, maintaining the artistic style of this nation from beginning to end, its are basic the feature is, simple and massiness, guileless and dark, peaceful and wild far. Be these old buildings saved the the most excellent, best people culture and craft curiosa for us, if woodcarving, stone carving, coloured drawing or pattern, cliff is drawn,wait.
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