Hunan shops - local speciality of Home Zhang group is tasted
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Pangolin, giant salamander, blackbear, ginkgo, ear of red-billed leiothrix cliff, earthy home is stickup picture the bark of eucommia, arrowroot pink, chinese dove spends peach of monkey of cover of world precious fruit, well-known tea of Home Zhang group, qing Yanming is emerald green, langouste scented tea, stone of colour of pointed moire of wool of cogongrass level ground, earthy home brocade, close orange

Pangolin the name gets hill nail, belong to a 2 class to protect an animal, because be good at,get hill burrow and get a name. Its height makes an appointment with 50 centimeters or so, alling over a body is scute a suit of armour, the tongue is long, ungual benefit, leg the key point is small, minor, it is with ant feed, its feed the method of ant to have 3 kinds, extend the tongue to the ground, let ant climb a tongue over, devour next; 2 be stretch scute, let ant climb carapace inside, get in past water next, ant rises to surface, add later feed not remnant; 3 it is dozen of acupuncture point, demolish ant nest, eat simultaneously since destroy below, so it has the good name of ” of “ forest bodyguard.

Giant salamander giant salamander name big Ni, amphibious, it is a country 2 class protect an animal, big body length amounts to 1.8 meters, tens of kilogram above, small also have a few kilograms, its cry is exactly like infantile sound. Average life is in have cool sex, dark, in clear river water, with fish, shrimp, crab, snake, and the insect is feed, but because giant salamander is metabolic slow, falling without alimental circumstance, do not eat food 9 years namely also won't starved to death.

Blackbear distributings to wait for remote at the emperor hill, treasure peak hill, Yang Jiazhai. Body hair is hard and thick, fu Guangze, pectoral wool has white crescent moon piebald. System is 1.8 meters or so expensive. Weight amounts to 200 kilograms, contain a lot ofadipose. In close Lin Zhi of remote mountains of sexual happy event, house burrow. Alone, stubborn, audacious, dare fight with the tiger. Clumsiness looks outside, but the action is quick. Full control touchdown walks, palm flesh develops be born is breathed, meeting swarm, be apt to swims, but race crossing. Go up at the ground or tree by day activity. It is with fructification, green grass and tender bud feed; Eat melon and fruit, vegetable, corn stealthily to wait sometimes, also eat vermian, beetle, ant, bird and bird egg; Happy event feed honey, connect sometimes honeycomb devour along with all the others, be gotten by bee sting Ao Ao cries also not modified. Injure a person not actively at ordinary times, but be in copulatory period and kitten period is unusually feral.

Ginkgo ginkgo grows because of its slow reason tree of renown a surname, it is the member in gymnospermous ginkgo division, in fierce hill source much distributinging Yu Hai unplugs 1000 meters of the following regions, amount to is not much, but it can become old capable person, at present our country each district already also had train, but the amount is not much, crop is very few also, so, ginkgo it is some of our country spy precious large tree is planted
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