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Ramble is in street of green flag of blueness of Hunan phoenix ancient city, all sorts of special local product reach ethical handicraft a superb collection of beautiful things, too many things to see letting a person. Shopping guideline of phoenix ancient city.

Candy of ginger of —— of special local product of phoenix ancient city uses ancestral secret recipe and folk to craft refines and be become, have drive cold medicinal powder hot, embellish lung warm stomach, expectorant the effect that relieve a cough, economic material benefit, facilitate carry, the local special local product that is the rare in journey, health food and gift beautiful are tasted. The people that will cross phoenix knows, ginger sells the mill of candy it is thus clear that everywhere inside phoenix ancient city, return Ke Xin to enjoy the appearance that makes ginger candy to phoenix person at any time, big feast one's eyes on of it may be said. The thick fragrance that ginger candy divides pink of the delicate flavor that adds a few ginger to make again by pink of white sugar, rock candy, walnut, mint and more ginger, walnut, brown sugar to make roughly. Special attention wants when buying ginger sugar its expiration period and pack, medicinal powder the expiration period is the ginger candy that pack to come 2 days, if want redemptive home or gift friend to be about,the choose and buy packs ginger candy of Feng Mi, if use what tinfoil paper packs, protect character period for 4 months; Packet is installed (have 4 pouch) 5 yuan / bag; Gift box is packed greatly (40 pouch) 58 yuan / box.

Walk to go up in ancient city market, must be attracted by all sorts of folk handicraft here. The brocade here, wax printing, plunge into catch, the do manual work such as silver act the role ofing is individual, have full-bodied local characteristic and higher artistic value.

Wax printing of Hunan phoenix ancient city is primitive of primitive simplicity, cent is two old school:

It is allover of wax printing of the Tujia nationality; It is hand-woven cloth of Miao Zu wax printing. Printing of earthy home wax printing pays attention to match colors pure, pay attention to conception composition of a picture, the cloth of figuration shows beautiful extraordinary splendour to shed cloth, color of art of width of cloth is distinctive pure beauty, outstanding craft characteristic is hot color; Hand-woven cloth of Miao Zu wax printing pays attention to coloring pure, not exquisite and colorful carve is acted the role of, give a person a kind of natural and pure artistic sense, outstanding craft characteristic is cool color. Inside ancient the city zone everywhere sees wax printing work, the color of cotton print of general wax printing is relatively rich, about 20 yuan or so; Wax printing hand-woven cloth, go up in hand-woven cloth with candle by technology division draw, bai Hela of color bureau be confined to, small work about 20-40 or so yuan; The summer is more popular have T-shirt of phoenix characteristic wax printing (15-20 yuan / ) ; The work of civilian craft Great Master is collected and artistic value is higher, the price is more expensive (400-800 yuan / differ) . The achievement of wax printing work of Great Master of cannon of Xiong Chengzao, Liu is higher.
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