The highway traffic general situation of Home Zhang group
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Highway is the main body of traffic of travel of Hunan Province churchyard. Hunan Province plan comes 20 years in 15 years inside, the freeway network of extend in all directions is built in complete province.

Already debutted at present long individual plant, long depression, long always, Tan Shao, peace is long, lasting constant, Lei appropriate, several freeways such as line of Changsha around the city, the freeway course that already built exceeds 1200 kilometers; Bound of Chang Dezhi Zhang Jia (complete of 5 the end of the year) , the freeway of first is building Chang Dezhi auspicious in.

Come to Home Zhang by Changsha direction of the bound grow piece of high speed freeway already on December 26, 2005 be open to traffic, changsha comes to Home Zhang the bound needs the left and right sides 3 hours only, traffic is very convenient; City of Home Zhang group arrives fierce hill source paragraph belong to advanced course highway, path wide, road condition is good, probably a hour; Urban district of Home Zhang group goes to silvan park probably 40 minutes.

City of Home Zhang group reachs auspicious head city get together advanced course highway already 2004 complete, road surface evenness, the car can reach auspicious head city near 3 hours.

Auspicious head city was transformed 2004 to the highway of phoenix end, auspicious head city arrives phoenix probably distance of a hour.

As each paragraphs of highway transform ceaselessly, the road condition of Home Zhang group and West Hunan area already was improved greatly now, the “ highway that already was before no longer 18 bays ” , magical Home Zhang group welcomes your presence, the Gu Cheng that still has that beauty - phoenix ……