Situation of Hunan highway traffic
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Come by Beijing auspicious head can multiply K267 second, 12:58 set out by Beijing, 14:57 arrive at auspicious head, fare 363 yuan; Come by Guangzhou auspicious head can multiply K503/502 second, 12: 55 by Guangzhou north the station sets out, the following day 7: 12 arrive at auspicious head, lie forcedly 249 yuan; Come by Shanghai auspicious head can multiply 1607/1606 second, 18:47 set out by Shanghai west station, the following day 21:44 arrive at auspicious head, lie forcedly 206 yuan. Also can multiply K111 by Shanghai first second change to the bosom, change by the bosom again to auspicious head.

Auspicious head arrives the car of phoenix is very much, next trains can take a car to phoenix to the station directly, car price 8-10 yuan. Also can spend 1 yuan of money to take a car to male city first, cong Qianzhou takes a car to phoenix again, car price 3-4 yuan. Former safety, punctual, half hours of one regular bus; Latter freedom, convenient, can arrange by oneself. Auspicious head comes the car of phoenix from all had early at 20 o'clock to evening at 6 o'clock.