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Hole of water of Shaoshan, drop, Hua Minglou swims one day B line
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Circuit name: Hole of water of Shaoshan, drop, Hua Minglou swims one day B line
Member price: 128 yuan / person
Bonus: 20 yuan / person
Ground setting out: Changsha
Standard: The standard
What contain a tourist attraction: Hole of water of drop of square of Mao Zedong former residence, bronze, Shaoshan, Hua Minglou Liu surprises less former residence, memorial hall, cultural relic exhibits a house


Changsha appoints a place to center in the morning, the car is gone to Shaoshan, area of scene of hole of You Di water; Square of former residence of Comrade Mao Zedong, bronze; After Chinese meal (do not contain eat) , the car spends bright building toward peaceful countryside, former residence of Liu Shaoji of You Huaming building, memorial hall, cultural relic exhibits a house, the car returns Changsha, end the travel of jolly great person native place!

Service standard

1, have dinner: Prandial 8 dish one soup, 10 people one desk (medicinal powder the guest does not contain eat, if contain eat to need to increase 15 yuan / person) ;
2, traffic: Travel of air conditioning major uses a car;
3, entrance ticket: Ticket of gate of path of tourist attraction head;
4, guide take: Excellent guidebook serves;
5, safe: Danger of travel agent responsibility, give travel accident insurance.


Charge does not contain all individuals to consume; This company reservation is opposite according to local situation of the journey adjust advantageous position, but the tourist attraction does not decrease! (medicinal powder the guest contains eat to increase 15 yuan / person) . Group price thinks to allow truly with real time

Friendship clew

Chinese meal provides for oneself, contain eat to add 15 yuan / person

Contact means

Center of travel of holiday of travel agent of Hunan Province China International
Contact: Chen Shang 13787117711 QQ:172980898
Phone: 0731---2136368 2136388 5146789(fax)
Address: Bureau of Hunan Province tourism 3 office building