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Healthy and recreational brigade, grey Shang Wenquan swims one day
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Circuit name: Healthy and recreational brigade — grey Shang Wenquan swims one day
Member price: 168 yuan / person
Bonus: 20 yuan / person
Ground setting out: Changsha
Standard group

What contain a tourist attraction: Grey Shang Wenquan


Changsha appoints a place to center, by air conditioning travel BUS goes to peaceful countryside grey boiling water, after arriving at in ash of federation of trade unions sanatorium of worker of soup hot spring enjoys satisfied and clinking hot spring bath: (fountainhead of grey soup hot spring weighs qualitative water of silicon of fluorine of natrium of carbonic acid — for low mineralization, contains zinc of ﹑ of copper of ﹑ of molybdenum of ﹑ of radon of vulcanization hydrogen ﹑ to wait for a variety of chemical component, chronic to treating a variety of dermatosis and arthritis to wait illness has surprise effect. According to branch of local medical treatment clinical to nearly 40 thousand patients observation, hot spring is had antiphlogistic, composed, calm the nerves, adjust the physiology function, magical effect that improves the medicaments such as cardiovascular function to cannot be replaced, to dermatosis, digest, a variety of haemal circulation, neurological chronic illnesses have distinct curative effect. ) scour off all the way prostitution, loosen the mood and body thoroughly; Chinese meal hind returns warm home.

Service standard

1, have dinner: One (prandial 8 dish one soup, 10 people desk) ;
2, traffic: Travel of air conditioning major uses a car;
3, entrance ticket: Ticket of hot spring dipping;
4, guide take: Excellent guidebook serves whole journey;
5, safe: Danger of travel agent responsibility and give travel accident a place difficult of access.


1, my company has authority to fall to do proper adjustment to circuit in the premise that does not change tourist attraction content;

2, because of the factor that cannot defy (wait like typhoon or weather reason) the guest loss that cause or stop provide for oneself;

3, do not contain everything to the individual is consumed and provide for oneself at one's own expenses project;

4, if entrance ticket has privilege to return price difference according to travel agent discount,1.3 children collect fees according to the adult, price of 1.3 the following children is discussed additionally.

Contact means

Center of travel of holiday of travel agent of Hunan Province China International
Contact: Chen Shang 13787117711 QQ:172980898
Phone: 0731---2136368 2136388 5146789(fax)
Address: Bureau of Hunan Province tourism 3 office building

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