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Stone swallow lake lies fallow one day to swim
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Circuit name: Stone swallow lake lies fallow one day to swim
Member price: 138 yuan / person
Bonus: 20 yuan / person
Ground setting out: Changsha
Standard: Standard group

What contain a tourist attraction: Dance of song of Yunnan the Va nationality, have a good swim by large houseboat island of Shi Yan lake, tortoise is pulled get the better of, footstep of contest of passionate dragon boat, giant is compared

Recreation of card of contest, chess, make air gun (10 bullet) , archery (3) , performance of large beast of prey, expeditionary city

Fort, dodgems, rotate plane, corsair, swing (optional one) - car of cableway, Ka Ding, field operations, interstellar

Chariot optional


1, visitting gully of vaulting horse of the Devonian before 300000000 is standard group stone, Gu Quan closing the Supreme Being;

2, play ball of song of Yunnan the Va nationality:

—— hits singing and dancing, moon to rise, bamboo lever dance, the stage appears on the stage to fall, passion is interactive; With the song in all dance, lively and extraordinary;

3, have a good swim by large houseboat as Shi Yan lake, beautiful as youth beautiful tourist guide each other is right folk song:

Water of green jade of —— green hill, swing boat lake face, satisfied, cheerful affection … . Cross relics of vaulting horse gully, review a the Three Kingdoms to close fair vaulting horse to cross gully to diffuse smoke of gunpowder;

4, tortoise island pulls get the better of:

Blessing of pray of —— avalokitesvara temple, boundless blessing uprise of tower of 10 thousand birthday, feel 5 child ascend family tree, look for experience of group of fusion of …… of wild glossy ganoderma to extend;

5, contest of passionate dragon boat:

—— everybody oar flies large ship, experience in flying boat of check of the midstream that attack barge-pole, billow go all out in work the spirit of the pleasure that act vigorously takes and people in the same condition help each other (every dragon boat can take 21—25 person, contain a drummer, additional park deploys professional cox 1, everybody deploys lifesaving appliance, have the competition in group) ;

6, broken ice acts:
—— group warm up, break barrier, harmonious atmosphere, dynamic atmosphere, if Austrian queen circle, hunter and squirrel, good luck and challenge coexist,wait for series activity;
—— tug-of-war match;
7, giant footstep match: 7 people a group, carry long string, the foot steps long board, had taken a paragraph of hard space, foster group efforts and group spirit;

8, performance of large beast of prey:

The racing bicycle of vase of pedal of boxing of sit in meditation of —— lion tiger, black bear, sheep, monkey, circle that get internal heat;
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