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Ancient city of phoenix of Home Zhang group 4 days of character swim
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Circuit name: Ancient city of phoenix of Home Zhang group 4 days of character swim
Member price: 1080 yuan / person
Bonus: 40 yuan / person
Ground setting out: Changsha
Standard: The standard
What contain a tourist attraction: Ancient city of hill of brook of whip of yellow Shi Zhai, gold, the emperor, phoenix


The first day lives: Home Zhang group (contain medium, dinner)

Changsha 8: 00 appoint a place to assemble, classics (constant Zhang Gao fast) head for Zhang Jia bound, all the way 3 Hunan 4 water, day garden scene, after supporting Home Zhang group, turn to travel by scene area bus, watch afternoon 100 battle gorge, admire world cave- - yellow dragon hole.

Live the following day: Home Zhang group (contain early, medium, dinner)

The king ” beauty that has “ peak forest is visited after breakfast praise - beauty spot of the emperor hill, in scene of view of the emperor hill, eye shot is open, imposing manner is grand, administrative levels is rich, especially in order to see peak, outlook day, admire mist, taste snow to be the peak of poetic perfection. So “ saw the emperor hill, do not read the statement of ” of the world hill; Visit congratulate dragon park, congratulate dragon bronze, on the west sea stone forest, shi Chuan goes to sea, drive pen peak, fairy loose cotton lifelike, the tourist attraction with clear image; Landscape picture scroll is visited after - 10 lis of gallery, view longlived person greets guest, husband and wife to hold in the arms child, the tourist attraction such as peak of the old person that extract drug, 3 sisters. Visit area of scene of yellow dragon hole after that.

The 3rd day lives: Phoenix (contain early, medium, dinner)

Home Zhang group is visited after breakfast stage of scene of view of the biggest be high up in the air - yellow Shi Zhai (element has “ not to go up yellow Shi Zhai, crooked goes to the beauty of ” of Home Zhang group praise) , main tourist attraction has: Leave at the beginning of boudoir door, the peak of mist sea tortoise, double Men Yingbin, the five fingers, stage that pick a bit reachs 6 strange cabinet to wait. Ramble visits the world's most beautiful big gorge - Jin Bian brook, golden whip brook because brook current gets a name via golden whip cliff, full-length 15 unit of distance, often grind a bay to circle Hunan of infuse of brook of 4 classics all alone to water oneself water of Li of 4 old water system, get a name because of the golden whip cliff of brook bank, be called here “ world's most beautiful gorge ” , “ is the richest the brook ” of poetic flavour; On the way 8 give up marry considerable Mu Zifeng, pig eagle of daughter-in-law, god protects pool of whip, Asian puccoon, a thousand li to encounter, water circles the 4 tourist attractions such as the door BUS goes to phoenix Gu Cheng afternoon (restrict 3.5—4 hour)
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