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Temple of government office of palace of dragon of hill of Ceng Guofan former re
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Circuit name: Temple of government office of palace of dragon of hill of Ceng Guofan former residence, plum, water swims 2 days
Member price: 418 yuan / person
Bonus: 30 yuan / person
Ground setting out: Changsha
The standard

What contain a tourist attraction: Island of dragon of island of temple of government office of former residence of palace of plum hill dragon, Ceng Guofan, water, phoenix, horrible city, god


The first day:
Assemble by designation time place, head for by the car change newly (about 4 hours) swim world cave highest grade----Mei Shan
Long Gong, (time is controlled 80 minutes) ; In the evening swing, can stroll —— of green flag street eastwards street (from
The characteristic such as experienced king of cake of cup cake, deepfry, horse is fastfood) , sample what have distinguishing feature extremely is new change 3 bowls big (3 close
Soup, San child flesh of cake evaporate chicken, ground rice, among them 3 shut boiling water the most welcome, it is mixed by bovine blood Niu Baixie, buffalo
Water of the flesh, well is comprised, be short of one cannot; ) experience chiliad plum Shan Guyun.
Old: Change newly
The following day:
Ceng Guofan former residence is gone to after breakfast (car Cheng makes an appointment with 3 hours, visiting time is controlled 70 minutes) visit government office of hundred years Hou, by 100
Year hero; Head for after Chinese meal have seat of government of “ world water, the world preciouses jade the temple of say water government office of pool ” , look around multiply a yacht to swim
See phoenix island (lark Chao Feng) , horrible city (modelling of high-tech sound electric induction) , divine Long Dao (Thailand Gong Yi
Person, snake kind reach the specimen) wait for humanitarian tourist attraction.

Service standard

1, traffic: Trailer coach of whole journey air conditioning;
2, accommodation: 2 stars or the standard of the hotel that be the same as class that make by 2 stars
3, have dinner: 1 early 3, prandial 8 dish one soup, 10 people one desk;
4, entrance ticket: Above place lists a tourist attraction the first entrance ticket;
5, tourist guide: Tourist guide of whole journey full-time serves;
6, safe: Danger of travel agent responsibility, give travel accident a place difficult of access.

1, below the circumstance that reducing a tourist attraction, my company has authority to adjust the order of the journey;
2, if appear odd male (female) generation single room is poor, my company has authority to adjust arrange 3 worlds or pay filling Qi Chan the house now by the guest
Need fee;
3, the cost that if encounter manpower to cannot defy element or national policy sex to adjust place,produces provides for oneself by the guest;
4, the guest abandons visitting a tourist attraction to reach of one's own accord provide for oneself project or proper motion leave a group to wait, charge does not grant to return.
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