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Jiang Piao flows two days to swim east
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Circuit name: Jiang Piao flows two days to swim east
Member price: 580 yuan / person
Bonus: 40 yuan / person
Ground setting out: Changsha
The standard

What contain a tourist attraction: East river large dams, remove temple of the Dragon King bleaching a dot, east the river is seaborne 3 hours


The first day:
Place time is appointed to assemble inside early the Changsha City, the garden after HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province of city of Chinese first-class travel is gone to before setting out----
Chen city uses Chinese food, after arriving at, head for east all corners of the country, car of scene area environmental protection is changed to watch " mist to overflow after small east river " and waterfall of monkey Gu hill
Cloth, the first dam of Asian---East river large dams, head for Huang Cao to press down by mosquito craft, admire those who have " of " Oriental Switzerland to say on the way
East all corners of the country is smooth. Old: Cast aside?

The following day:
Jiang Piao flows one day to swim east: Joke of bald Tiao of figured woven silk material casts aside Han Hui to arrange ascend cling to? of Fu of  of Lin of  An  visits experience alarmingly dangerous to stimulate”
Asia-Pacific the first bleach ” east Jiang Zheshui is seaborne, two sides is primitive too many beautiful things of scene of second forest gorge, drift fizzle out after the end
Careless town uses Chinese food, return by mosquito craft after Chinese meal east dock of river large dams, changsha is returned by the car after, happy journey ends after,
Return sweet home.

Service standard

1. lodges: World of Huang Cao 2-3 (air conditioning, color television, defend alone) ;
2. have dinner: 3 1 early, prandial 8 dish one soup, 10 people one desk;
3. entrance ticket: Scene area is first gate ticket, seaborne ticket, mosquito craft ticket;
4. guides take: Tourist guide of whole journey full-time serves;
5. uses a car: Travel of whole journey air conditioning uses a car;
6. is safe: Danger of travel agent responsibility, give travel accident


Do not contain everything to the individual is consumed and provide for oneself at one's own expenses project, my company has those who adjust the journey to look around below the premise that does not reduce a tourist attraction early or late ordinal; Because manpower does not defy a factor (like the typhoon / the flood / governmental policy sex stops float) bring about cannot drift or be generation to stop charge needs a guest to provide for oneself;
Jiang Piao sorts an order east very complex, ask a guest to comply with tourist guide arrangement, obedience drifts the company manages, in order to assure service quality and tourist safety; Other seaborne company sets: 12 years old of the following children and in principle of old person of 60 years old of above do not allow float, one sell on commission gives seaborne bill, do not attend float not to grant return a ticket. Child float total value.
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