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Gorge of gorge of passionate emperor dragon swims one day adrift
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Circuit name: Gorge of gorge of passionate emperor dragon swims one day adrift
Member price: 198 yuan / person
Bonus: 20 yuan / person
Ground setting out: Changsha
Convention is round

What contain a tourist attraction: Huang Longxia is primitive second forest, huang Longxia is seaborne


In the morning 7: 30 minutes of Changsha appoint a place to assemble, 8: 00 punctual this world that go to clear (a hour controls road) , along channel of mountain of brook of broadleaf plant of by way of, full take neighborhood 100 kilometers, the Huang Longxia of charactizing a fine spring day is primitive second forest, arrive at Huang Longxia, chinese meal enjoys farmhouse meal in Huang Longxia, experience personally afternoon (2 hours or so) Hunan the formerest zoology, the closest from Changsha, contain a lot offorest of negative oxygen ion to enclothe the Huang Long that leads 95% above to narrow drifts and admire cross-strait nature beautiful scenery, 18: 00 the home that the left and right sides returns Changsha warmth!

Service standard

1, have dinner: One prandial, 10 people one desk, prandial 8 dish one soup;
2, entrance ticket: Above journey medium shot orders gate ticket;
3, traffic: Trailer coach of whole journey air conditioning;
4, service: Tourist guide of whole journey full-time serves;
5, safe: Danger of travel agent responsibility, give travel accident a place difficult of access.