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Nyingchi Lulang will build an international tourism town gradually take the high
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Known as China's most beautiful country in the Road - State Road 318 online in the near future there will be an international tourist town. Lin Zhi Tibet funding sources through county government and social forces to participate in a way, the town is located in the road of Lang playing a functional international tourism town. Works will start in April 2011, the construction, completion in 2013 or so, government is expected to invest 100 million yuan will be the first. Protect the natural environment and ecological development is the original of the most fundamental principles of engineering, according to Nyingchi County deputy secretary, the Deputy County Caike You, currently has invited the U.S. experts to conduct site visits and design. Prior to that, Tibet Tourism Bureau told the media that Pakistan had beads, Tibet's future development will take the road of high-end tourism. Benefit local people Tourism has been taking shape hot Lulang Nyingchi County Tourism Bureau in the production of "The Sun throne - Linzhi Tourism Manual", Lang was designated as a folk eco-tourism area. Lang means "Dragon King Valley", "fairy place to live", known as the "natural oxygen bar", "biological gene bank" of good reputation. Still popular among the "to work Bulu Lang, will forget their own home" argument. Mix in a Zijia Lulang lived in Tibet for 10 days, he described in his blog that: "From August Town to Lulang Linzhi, with people walking all the way to the water, walk through the vast virgin forest to reach the quarter-color La mountain top overlooking looming INDUS. turn the mountains, giving rise to a mountain front, woodlands, idyllic sketch of quiet, beautiful Mountains, Lang to. "netizens" I do not know "9 this year 6 months after have been to Lang, there have been commented on: the Sichuan-Tibet line, Lulang This paragraph is my favorite, where Autumn is pleasant, just want to settle down quietly to enjoy the few days the world's Wonderland . Bayi Town, Nyingchi Hyderabad taxi driver, said: "Some tourists spend 150 yuan 'fight' to Lang, the local family hotel stay for several days, then call me to pick up." Nyingchi County Propaganda Department official will never worry about shooting the provisional to the Lang family hotel not peasant music or entertain visitors of the lens. Because "the summer if not booked in advance, you do not go live." According to the latest data Nyingchi county, Lang 1216 a total of 245 existing town, all types of family hotel has reached 33. By the Family hotel, farm music, horse play, selling souvenirs and other local people rely on "travel food to eat," the annual income of up to 5 million. Back from the Lulang tourism, to go to six or seven years ago. Nyingchi county government departments learn how to eat the tourist town Lulang rice, and also did some effort. Quite concerned about the tourism deputy head WEI Nyingchi County, said: "Local people do not know what is tourism, he sent Nyingchi County Tourism Bureau Tourist Service Center belong to the Lang model, with the visitors themselves to play and horse photography, Lu Long town gradually followed suit. Later, Lang town to learn to hold family hotel, the rooms are decorated bigger way. Nyingchi County has also invested 1.98 million to the family hotel Lulang town installed a shower and water facilities . "