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Secretary on behalf of the county on-site office to push Wu Culture and Tourism
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November 2, the county party secretary Zheng Xiangdong, on behalf of the county rate of Luo and Industry group, urban and rural Construction Committee, Municipal Bureau of Parks, soil Housing Bureau, the city voted to the company and other units of the Wu Culture and Tourism Festival of key project construction site, supervise the guidance Seize the duration of the project team, activity as a carrier to promote urban construction, urban environment with a beautiful Culture and Tourism Festival is the first to add luster to witch. The land is located next to the bridge district Wantong, still under construction phase, site comparison clutter. Zheng Xiangdong said Wantong Bridge dam tourists into Mazhen the first windows, must be tidy in the tourism festival, And require each node in the county at the entrance, placed flowers, hanging welcome sign, etc., along the highway to do sanitation work, but also a beautiful urban environment. Walking in the wind Avenue, Zheng Xiangdong, and Luo were requested to speed up road construction side of the construction progress, will be abandoned along the highway rest areas for trash and plastic, and strive to short out the image and restore the wind Boulevard Embankment cross scenery. Tourism Festival draws near, there will be a large number of foreign tourists come to Wuxi, will also be given to the county parking pressure. Zheng Xiangdong requires the county to speed up the progress of the temporary car park, be sure to come before the Tourism Festival Out of site preparation in order to better reception of overseas visitors, improve service quality. Zheng Xiangdong, Luo and his party also came to Salt Spring Holiday Inn, respectively, fountain city logistics center and other places to look.