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Resort real estate as investment destination
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At present, the housing market from the tight control, people began to refocus on real estate investment property on vacation. Resort real estate can not be copied with the urban residential landscape, leisure and supporting the same time, also possesses a high investment value. Investors turn to tourism product The reason why investment into a vacation hot spot, with the current tight housing market regulation are not unrelated. Analysis of the industry affected by the policy, the housing market, a relatively limited room for appreciation, rental return is low, investors began to give up, and turn to tourism resort products. Stone Investment Department, said Zhang Jian, real estate investment to have the two most critical factors, one is the property value, the second is that the rental property, the two together constitute the full benefits of real estate investment. After the New Deal from this year's 4.15 to the purchase of the National Day appeared before the policy, these policies are for residential real estate market. From an investment point of view, we should pay more attention to other than residential projects, including commercial real estate, the core area of the office, including the tourist resort real estate. Return selected items to see Rental returns from the perspective of vacation real estate situation across the country are great differences, such as Hainan, a resort real estate development suitable for the area, the rent is relatively high returns in previous years, but in recent years because house prices The rapid rise, but also drop down. Therefore, the tourist resort real estate to choose the project, resulting in higher earnings. The more abundant resources, the more people resort, the rental yield will be higher. Chan Kwok-keung, vice president of China Real Estate Association said that at present, the Beijing real estate investment space getting smaller and smaller, many people have the money hands sights around Beijing will be some advantages with investment projects, such as Langfang, Yanjiao, solid security and so on. Recently, the in Zhangjiakou Chongli also entered into the investor's sight. The use of billions to build the tourist areas, the rapid rise of the regional property market. Chongli INN soup in projects with a total development area of 120 square meters, the high-end leisure and residential project, first-tier cities for sale, has been favorable for investors. The project is the cheapest set of only 15 million yuan, the rental rate of return is high, and where millions of tourists every year, long term rental rate of return is higher. Chongli unique tourism resources, and make it a higher occupancy rate. It is understood that there are three top ski Chongli, the two state-level natural scenic spots and more than 10 cultural sites and many of the cultural landscape, where the tourist season, the hotel is also very expensive, 1,000 yuan paying the money may not get the room set. Stone sink, said Zhang Jian investment, tourism consumption, there will be a repeat purchase habits, many tourist resorts in the French-Swiss town, the scale of their success to go skiing every year the crowd on a regular basis, where in addition to skiing there is hotel accommodation , there are some leisure, you can buy some ski related equipment, where to eat, buy LV bag, etc., which is a combination of consumption, which is as a tourist resort property should pursue the direction of the project is to be achieved INN soup direction.