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Product development strategy of tourism in Hainan
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Hainan should learn from Taiwan and Hong Kong's successful experience in developing tourism products, develop a rich local characteristics of tourism products in Hainan, and promote the development of tourism shopping. Hainan Tourism Product Development Status Hainan's tourism shopping in the tourism development process has functioned as a "short leg" role, with the development of tourism, tourism product development in Hainan is also showing its own characteristics, tourism product development status as follows: Features a wide range of tourist souvenirs, but hard to find. Hainan's tourist souvenirs include handicrafts, souvenirs, travel clothing, travel audio books, etc., of which Pearl, island clothing, native products, coconut products are the main tourism products. However, despite the current Hainan tourism market of various travel products everywhere, and tourists make their love at first sight it is difficult to buy goods. Tourism product development, but there is room for innovation difficult. Hainan is a lot of travel products through a simple primary processing, poor workmanship, packaging is simple, there are still some in the development of space for development. However, due to the current lack of well-known point of Hainan travel products manufacturing enterprises, mostly small handicraft production, so the tourism product development process innovation difficult. No character, it is difficult interest bring tourists shopping. Travel goods are subject to the depth of content mining. Travel products is a set of local, ethnic, cultural, commemorative leisure products in one, you must dig deep cultural, national and local content, to unique, to attractive. Hainan Tourism Regional products now have display content, such as: coconut products, pearls, and nationality in cultural connotation remains to be excavated. Travel Goods has a centralized location, but lack of integrated trading platform. Hainan Tourism merchandise sales, mainly in the sea, scenic spots, shopping malls, hotel counters, etc., while presenting a concentrated, but the sales of various types of dispersed and not a commodity scale, the lack of high-quality comprehensive trading platform for commodities. And this gives great inconvenience tourist shopping, but also hindered the sale of travel products in Hainan. Hainan tourism product development strategy Create a unique tourism products of Hainan brand. Tourism products can not only reflect the characteristics of Tourism, or even direct drive "shopping tourism" destination for the formation of the local bring great travel benefits. Current representative of a tourism and shopping in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places, forming a "shopping to Hong Kong," "to Taiwan to buy cosmetics," the brand. Hainan Tourism many types of goods, but has yet to form a unique and brand. Hainan travel products in the development of the process, it should be in a prominent feature at the same time to create "buy × × to Hainan," the brand, to show Hainan shopping charm. Hainan Tourism dig deep cultural connotation of goods. There is not enough cultural content of the mining, tourism, merchandise can only be repeated low-level development, which is Hainan tourism product development bottlenecks. Culture is a very abstract meaning of goods, it must give goods in kind of "culture" of the soul, so the development of tourism in Hainan in the process of goods must be highlighted the unique local customs and culture. Taiwan attaches great importance to the development of tourism products and cultural connotation of the excavation, the sale of goods in the tourist and cultural activities also pay attention to combine the development of Hainan tourism commodities can also be the local characteristics of culture as a tourism product development direction and the selling point. Hainan to build a comprehensive high-quality shopping platform. Hainan Tourism goods sales channels should be further improved on the existing basis, thus creating a comprehensive shopping mall in Hainan. For example: shopping pedestrian street should be longer, introduction of the brand should be increased; Hainan separation of certain types of travel products should grade; the construction of large shopping malls, selling all kinds of stratification, the level of tourism commodities. Should also pay attention to the quality of tourism products, packaging, etc., should be as even as Taiwan also make tourists feel the goods to spread its "upscale." Relying on international tourism island bring in more international brand. Travel products to realize the "international" must be able to demonstrate a variety of international sales channels to. For example, a major tourist shopping in Taiwan is characterized by "Japanese products" and more, tourism commodities include not only the local characteristics of the products also include such as Japan, Europe and the U.S. brand name products. Hainan should make use of international tourism island platform, the introduction of more international brands and foreign goods, an increase of Hainan shopping categories, increased levels of Hainan shopping. Hainan travel products to strengthen sales of standardized management. Hainan Tourism and shopping there is currently a lot of non-standard, for example: Brokerage guides, pearls and other tourist commodity prices, "water" too high, need to further strengthen management. Such as: the relevant departments should be severely inflated prices and shoddy investigation of the behavior, if repeated investigations found that repeat offenders businesses should post the, or prohibit their access to major shopping malls, so that tourist spending even more assured. To promote tourism in Hainan "shopping tour the island" development. Tourists to visit Taiwan, from Taipei to Taichung, Tainan and then, you can buy everywhere distinctive tourism products. Hainan Island is currently traveling north to the island of goods from the South is basically no difference, tourists to Hainan often do not know what to buy, or not, after shopping in Haikou to Sanya shopping, to some extent, limit the development of shopping tourism in Hainan. So Hainan regional development should be combined with different local characteristics of tourism products, and ultimately "in Hainan island shopping tour" of the development.