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Qian an City plant leaves to keep pace with the tourism and catering
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City leaves growing cooperatives located in rural Yamaha big mouth Wuli Village, founded in December 1, 2009, the registered capital of 10 million, is a growing, tourism, catering for the comprehensive integration of farmer cooperatives. Since the establishment of the cooperatives, introduction of a unified, unified technical specification, unified purchase and marketing of the production mode of operation, in accordance with the pollution-free production of technical specification, development and production of dry and fresh fruit members, features small grains planting. First, the cooperative has embarked on a quality education and technical training, training, service, over 90% of farmers are familiar with walnut chestnut forestry crops such technologies, goods awareness and market awareness has further increased. Second, they increase the planting area of dried fruit, scientific and standardized management, and dried fruit quality, efficiency, implementation of cooperative business projects as an important task to fully draw on overseas experience, learning to master advanced science and management techniques, thereby bringing the village dried fruit products quality and efficiency. Third, the introduction of high-tech talent to actively invite the experts to do technical guidance in the agency, to the growers fields to do the technical guidance. At the same time, they also strengthen the market analysis and research, increasing its base construction and technical transformation investment, expand production scale. Currently, the establishment of dried fruits and grains cooperative demonstration garden area of 500 acres, planted walnut chestnut more than 20,000 lines, the annual profit of 20 million for local tourism, the development of competitive industries and specialized industry provides a strong system of support. The cooperatives also take advantage of local tourism resources and advantages, actively develop tourism and catering industry, most of the current members of the cooperatives have their own plantations in addition, the are of different sizes and built a farm restaurant, guests of the annual more than 1 million people, not only further expand the business scope of professional cooperatives, and for rational use of local strengths and resources to accelerate the drive farmers to get rich playing a positive role.