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China Tourism Forum proposes to abolish the World Heritage Scenic Spots
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According to Beijing Evening News recently, China Tourism Forum held in Beijing International Studies University, with the inscription heat from the hot area price trend of the Forum, experts recommend the "World Heritage area to cancel tickets." It is understood that, since 1985, China joined the "World Heritage Convention" in August of this year, "China Danxia," Land and Henan Dengfeng "world into" World Heritage historic buildings, China has 40 world heritage. But with the country in recent years, "the inscription hot" rapid warming, the inscription after the success of scenic spots, sharp price increases become the focus of heated debate. Forum on Tourism Development in China, all experts on the issue prices of world heritage scenic views. Tourism Development and Planning, Sun Yat-sen Research Center Professor Peng Hua believes that "the inscription" investment should be a public welfare investment, for example, to "the inscription" To do some basic research, do some planning, some protection facilities, some area of remediation or reconstruction, or transformation of a certain country or demolition. This is a public good behavior, these costs should not be passed on to the tourists who, the Government should foot the bill. Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research Center, Institute of Natural and Cultural Heritage Qing Wen Min, deputy director of direct researcher: All tickets to be World Heritage listed all canceled. MIN Qing paper gives three reasons, first, the state's 40 World Heritage "World Heritage" is the government investment, but in the end for tourism development is often the corporate form, the equivalent of the government to spend money to do basic work, to create the conditions allow enterprises to benefit after it is unreasonable. Second, a tourist to travel to a region, is his ticket consumer spending in a very small part of the trip, even eliminating, the area's overall tourism income will not be greatly affected. Third, remove the ticket fee, will be promoted to attract tourists. Proved no tickets West Lake in Hangzhou, the local tourism industry instead of tickets when compared with more developed.