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Canada: a world-class MICE destination
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Canada's major cities, to meet different sizes MICE diverse needs of tourism activities. Every city has its efficient transport service system, excellent environment, technology and conference center, luxury star hotel, colorful activities, material, moving natural beauty and elegance of the rich cultural landscape. Canada is not only incentive travel destination, tourism, entertainment and leisure activities is brilliant. Most of the historical and cultural tourism in the vicinity, there are convenient shopping malls, top hotels and exhibition spaces, perfect the history and culture combined with modern conveniences. Canada's modern city, like a dolphin mosaic in Canada, the bright pearl on the land, the exhibition will be its unique style, so you worthwhile. If you want to explore the charm of the ancient world of Europe, then the world's second largest French-speaking city of Montreal and the UNESCO World Heritage Quebec City Come on, you can find a satisfactory answer. If you want to experience all over the mountains, lakes and mountains of the magnificent nature, which just behind Vancouver and Calgary. Activities at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition over. The largest city in Canada, Toronto, places diverse cultural background, novel and unique architecture and thriving business atmosphere, allowing you to experience the largest city in the extraordinary pattern. You can choose the second highest in the world, independent of commercial buildings-CN Tower revolving restaurant on top, arrange a "beyond the peak," the gala dinner, a lifetime to experience the glory and joy.