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Guilin Yangshuo Tour hopes to become the country benchmarking standardization
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"I have a lot of time to Guilin, and every time to have different feelings. And this time, I feel both the tourism infrastructure, urban environment or tourist reception level, Guilin has a great change and improve." December 16, deputy director of China National Tourism Administration Du Jiang said in an interview, the development of tourism in recent years, changes in Guilin and Yangshuo County Tourism standardization pilot project to give a high evaluation. Du Jiang said that in September this year, the national tourism since the start of pilot standardization, the National Tourism Administration sent a different working groups, the pilot provinces and cities of the county's tourism standardization pilot tracked the progress of work. Learned from the situation in Yangshuo, Yangshuo County, county government leaders attach great importance to tourism standardization of experimental work, work system, security measures and promote the conditions are very much in place, development of tourism around the standardization of experimental work instructive. Therefore, the meeting was held on Yangshuo County, one to Yangshuo County Tourism is recognized standardized experimental work; secondly also hope that all localities investigated by Yangshuo, Yangshuo learn good work experience in order to effectively promote tourism around the standardization of experimental work . Standardization of experimental work is the national tourism authorities to promote the tourism industry, an important implementation of the standards conventional means. The first trial in all aspects of tourism development are typical. Du Jiang believes that standardization of Yangshuo County Tourism pilot project has been put into the work of tourism development, not only conducive to the development of Yangshuo County, a good basis for relying on its own to enhance the tourism brand image of standardization and quality of tourism services, tourism can also be formed highlights of pilot standardization to promote the standardization of the level of the national tourism promotion. "We have standardized on these pilot provinces and counties, the National Tourism high hopes, hoping that they can establish a benchmark for national standardization of tourism, a good beginning." Du Jiang said, Guilin tourism to build national comprehensive reform pilot area, standardization of tourism is one of the important content. Standardization is carried out by a point and surface, Yangshuo Guilin National Tourism as comprehensive reform pilot area is an important part of the pilot work can be standardized through tourism, and accumulated more experience, to carry out more exploration, or even try to fill the standardization and improvement of tourism some gaps in the work areas, thus promoting the comprehensive reform pilot Guilin National Tourism Zone.